scrape1 [ skreıp ] verb *
1. ) transitive to rub a sharp edge or tool against a surface:
You'll have to scrape the walls before you paint them.
a ) scrape something off/into/onto/out of etc. (something) to remove something by pulling a hard tool across the surface it is on:
Scrape the mud off your boots before you come inside.
He scraped all the skin off his knuckles.
I scraped the bits of meat into the dog's bowl.
The bottle's label had been scraped away.
2. ) transitive to injure a part of your body or damage something by rubbing it against a rough surface: GRAZE:
I scraped my elbow when I fell.
He scraped his van while he was parking it.
3. ) intransitive to make a rough unpleasant noise by rubbing against a hard surface:
Simon's chair scraped as he pushed it back.
a ) transitive to move something, causing it to make a rough unpleasant noise
4. ) intransitive or transitive if a sharp edge or point scrapes a surface or you scrape it across the surface, it moves across the surface:
scrape against/across/along etc.: He felt the knife blade scrape against the back of his neck.
scrape something against/across/along etc. something: She scraped her nails along the blackboard.
scrape the bottom of the barrel INFORMAL
to use or do something that you know is not very good, because you do not have anything better
scrape home BRITISH
to achieve victory in a way that is not very impressive:
scrape home by: Their candidate scraped home by just fifteen votes.
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,scrape `by phrasal verb intransitive
to have enough money to pay for the things you really need in order to live, but no more:
She just manages to scrape by on her teacher's salary.
`scrape ,into phrasal verb transitive BRITISH
scrape into something to achieve a position by a very small number of votes or points:
The team scraped into the final with a 2 1 win.
,scrape `through phrasal verb intransitive or transitive
scrape though something to succeed in doing something, but not in a very impressive way:
He just managed to scrape through the job interview.
,scrape to`gether or ,scrape `up phrasal verb transitive
to succeed in getting enough of something, especially money, by making a lot of effort:
They have trouble even scraping together their rent.
scrape 2 [ skreıp ] noun
1. ) count a slight injury or mark caused by rubbing against a rough surface
2. ) count INFORMAL a difficult situation that someone causes by being careless:
She's always getting into scrapes.
3. ) singular the sound caused by something rubbing against a hard surface:
the scrape of a stool being dragged across the floor

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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